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Hardware Engineer

Chantilly, VA · Information Technology
RCT Systems is currently recruiting for a Hardware Engineer in the Northern Virginia area!    The ideal candiate will need to be able to design, develop and test computer components, including circuit boards, processors, and memory cards.  Requires precise design, testing of components, and the ability to analyze test data to enhance performance, eliminate errors, and ensure proper functionality. This role also involves modifying existing hardware to enhance functionality and operation with new software systems. It may also require designing computer hardware for non-computer devices that incorporate processors, networking devices, or circuit boards, such as mobile phones, vehicles, or Internet of Things (IoT) devices.  Also works with software engineers and developers during the development cycle of a computer, mobile phone, or other device. This helps guarantee that the hardware is able to successfully run the intended software and helps both teams develop specifications and reduce errors and bugs. This collaboration often results in many rounds of testing and revision to both hardware and software components. Must be able to direct hardware manufacturing processes to verify that elements are built according to their specifications. A computer hardware engineer may receive a prototype of a design in order to conduct further testing and modifications and to provide input to manufacturing personnel to enhance processes and make updates.
Required Skills:
· Use software to aid in design and development, so a background in using design and engineering tools is extremely important.
· Analysis: Able to be highly analytical, conduct tests and interpret the results, and integrate their findings into subsequent iterations of their design.
· Manufacturing and prototyping –Build components and prototypes during the design process, so familiarity working with electronics and building components is essential;  ie.  Spinning Boards, Softworks, Autocad.
· Communication skills –Create documentation and specifications for components they design and report to other team members throughout the design and development progress.
· Process enhancement – the ability to improve efficiency is also important for a computer hardware engineer, since this can reduce development time and eliminate redundant processes.
· Team collaboration – many computer hardware engineers also work closely with software engineers or manufacturers, so they need to collaborate across teams and successfully coordinate multiple schedules.
o     Requires 10 to 12 years with BS/BA or 8 to 10 years with MS/MA or 5 to 7 years with PhD.
o     Must possess an active TS/SCI with poly.

RCT Systems is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer.  Qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regards to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin disability or protected veteran status.   
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