Systems Operations Specialist

Location: Chantilly, VA
Date Posted: 04-11-2018
RCT Systems is looking for a Systems Operations Specialist who will provide Biometric and Identity capabilities with enterprise search and analytic applications. Team members work in a multitasking, quick-paced, dynamic environment that requires experience with the principles of biometric technology, large-scale (terabytes) database and application development, large-scale file manipulation, data modeling, data mapping, data testing, data quality, and documentation preparation. The division directly supports data scientists and analysts by designing and engineering systems to meet exponential increases in digital data for the purpose of identity resolution. This position diagnoses root causes of system issues through testing and triage techniques. When an issue or an outage is reported by a user or proactively encounter through monitoring, the Sys Ops position will diagnose the problem, find the person to resolve it, and report what was found to the end user and management. Given the complexity of the system, this requires someone full time so developers can focus on writing code. The candidate is expected to be a self-starter. This is NOT an administrative position--although this is not a software developer position either, the right candidate will have technical acumen. The candidate will have to navigate their way through clusters of Linux servers and have to be comfortable doing so. Eventually, the candidate will be an expert on the system and will provide guidance to system limitations and developing new capabilities to enable the best product for users. The ideal candidate will demonstrate initiative and strong communication skills to actively participate in team meetings, report to management for the development team, as well as relaying information to and helping users. The candidate will be working on a system that is transitioning to a new architecture while staying operational for users. Therefore, the candidate will be required to work across multiple teams in the division supporting the transition and should be innovative and forward leaning on the approach.
Mandatory Skills
  1. Demonstrated experience in a software testing or troubleshooting large systems, diagnosing and resolving software issues. Demonstrated experience investigating system logs and files to troubleshoot software anomalies. Demonstrated experience recreating reported problems and issues found through monitoring.
  2. Demonstrated experience communicating with software developers, facilitating technical exchanges and providing technical guidance to resolve issues.
  3. Demonstrated experience documenting issues and tracking progress with software, preferably via JIRA tickets. (Preferably an Agile environment)
  4. Demonstrated experience communicating with end users to include providing training as necessary.
  5. Demonstrated experience in a Linux environment, with knowledge of all Linux commands and location of system log files for inspection.
  6. Demonstrated experience in a software development environment creating visual reports of comprehensive system metrics, technical documentation and briefing content.
  7. Demonstrated experience providing support to monthly deployments of a system.
Desired Skills

1. Demonstrated on-the-job experience with biometric modalities or other identity data.
2. Demonstrated on-the-job experience writing SQL.
3. Demonstrated on-the-job experience creating reports with the Splunk reporting engine.

RCT Systems is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer.  Qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regards to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin disability or protected veteran status.   
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