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Web Developer

Chantilly, VA
RCT Systems is seeking to hire a Web Developer support for the design, development, and subsequent maintenance of a suite of services, drop-in UI components, and end-user applications that build upon and augment existing capabilities. Requires a flexible, high performance team that can work seamlessly with other contract teams, and across  organizations to deliver and sustain a coherent suite of solutions at the speed of mission despite reliance on numerous external capability providers. Develops numerous applications intended to allow their users to discover information relevant to their interests. Across this diverse collection of applications, there exist cross-cutting functional and information needs to exercise knowledge management and collaboration workflows. However, too often these common needs are either satisfied by in a proprietary manner or not satisfied at all. These inconsistencies and gaps burden users and serve as obstructions. Moreover, they represent missed opportunities to create bridges across applications that amplify their utility and reduce user fatigue. Thus, seeks to design services and components that can be integrated into existing and future applications to satisfy these cross cutting knowledge management and collaboration needs. To aid in their adoption, these capabilities must be designed to easily facilitate the integration of into external applications built with varied technology stacks. The Web Developer shall have experience utilizing services, drop-in Web components, and deep linking – in tandem – to successfully introduce cross cutting functionality across a broad suite of applications. The Web Developer shall have a deep understanding of user experience design and web application development to include best practices for providing end users with experiences that are functionally efficient and aesthetically pleasing. The Web Developer team shall work closely with, its mission partners, and project stakeholders to assess and validate systems and requirements, design and develop new solutions, obtain security accreditation, and deploy systems for use. The Web Developer shall assess and validate candidate systems, applications, and open source modules as potential elements for inclusion into the system. The Web Developer identify key interdependencies, roadblocks, issues, and risks with modifying existing systems and develop/integrate/implement a plan to proactively address these issues in a timely manner. The Web Developer shall evaluate existing capabilities, familiarizing themselves with system architecture and inherit the development responsibilities for those capabilities and systems as directed. The Web Developer shall work with to generate and document requirements for new system development. The Web Developer shall develop new systems to satisfy approved requirements, and subsequently develop, document, and execute test plans, procedures, and scenarios for acceptance testing. The Web Developer shall validate and verify that the developed software successfully meets requirements and interfaces properly with related systems through configuration, installation, and performance testing of the software. The Web Developer shall comply with the Assessment and Authorization process, addressing auditing requirements, and providing required system documentation through the accreditation process. The Web Developer shall work with develop, implement, and maintain a strategy for appropriately handling security sensitive applications.
Required Qualifications:
  • TS/SCI Poly 

RCT Systems is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer.  Qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regards to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin disability or protected veteran status.   
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